Thursday, June 26, 2014

Happy 18th, F!

Dear Frances,

If you should read this, I know that on Monday (30 June) you will celebrate your 18th Birthday - I am writing to wish you a very happy and enjoyable day.

To be honest I feel I don't know much about you any more, even though I spent more than 15 years with you. 

The night you were born at the hospital in Hackney was such a happy one.

You were a great kid and wonderful daughter growing up.

I have so many memories of the time we spent together that it seems incredible that, after my separation and divorce from mum, I have not been able to see you or your sister for two-and-a-half years. At your time of life, those years make a huge difference to your interests. I am sad to have missed them.

I guess you are taking your 'A' Levels, after which, I assume, you will go to university. Good luck! I trust you will be more sensible than I was in my varsity days.

There is never a day when I do not think of you and your sister E and wonder if one day soon we will be reunited and reconciled.

I bought you an 18th birthday card today. 

I have photographed it (left and right with Mr Cheeky, typically, getting himself into the picture to wish you a Happy Birthday!) because I cannot face having a card sent back again.

If you would like it and your birthday gift, please get in touch. 

You know my email address and I am using my old personal mobile number again. 

I would love to hear from you. From E, too.

Much love, birthday girl, 

Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Mr Cheeky is a lot better.

Although still recuperating, he has been full of beans, trying to type on the
computer or riding the record player, as if his road traffic accident never happened.

I have taken to making up a boudoir for him in the living room because he tends to try to wake me up with a nosy at 3am or by bashing his head against the locked catflap.

Tomorrow, he will go back to the vet's and may have his stitches out and his collar taken off.

However, he is not going out again at night. Mr Cheeky's nights on the tiles are over.

Even when he is fully recovered, Mr Cheeky will be a day cat, only allowed out between 8am and 6pm.

Between teatime and breakfast, he will be locked in, mainly for his own personal safety - but also to avoid another 700 quid vet's bill!

It is so good to see him back on form.


Brazil 2014 has been fantastic. I have never watched or enjoyed so much of a World Cup.

Not going into work is, of course, a big advantage in this. I would certainly have missed the 5pm kick-off matches.

As I suggested in my last posting, I was not surprised that England went out in the group stage. For all the excuses, they are just not good enough on the international stage.

My favourite team so far is Costa Rica - a tiny country who topped England's Group A after beating Uruguay and Italy.

It was also amazing to see Greece go through after a last-gasp goal against the Ivory Coast.

Who will win? Who can say - it has been a crazy tournament, though I still suspect Brazil will be a prophet in their homeland!

As for Uruguay's and Liverpool FC's Mr Suarez, I feel the spirit of Mr Cheeky must have entered the old boy.

Mr Cheeky is not agin indulging in a playful bite, not realising how mainstream society views these incidents, despite his protestations of innocence.

I suspect that despite Mr Suarez's talent his days on Merseyside are drawing to a close. Why would Liverpool pay him millions, when Mr Cheeky would chomp for free?

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